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31 January, 2008

Alternative Medicine-7: "Homeopathy: Some Case Studies"

(From the lecture delivered by Mr.S.Raja Alexander for the benefit of FASOHD members)

A miracle is something quite extraordinary and, at times, unbelievable. I have treated many cases, some of which fall into this category. I was the most-surprised than the patients and their relatives in these cases. Many homeopaths have encountered such miracles. The Homeopathic literature is replete with such case studies. I am going to share a few of them with you. However, I want to tell you that all my cases have not been like this; I have had my own share of failures. I do realize that these failures are due to my limitations as a practitioner and as a human being, and in no way, to be construed as the limitations of Homeopathy. I am sure anybody who follows the principles of Homeopathy with sincerity and devotion and works hard, is bound to get similar wonderful results.

1. Woman, middle-aged, in a remote village near Kallal, suffering from mental depression and related ailments. Psychiatric treatment at the best hospital in Madurai did not yield any results. She was sent back to her house, where she became a nuisance to the whole family. The once-loving husband thought that it would be better for her and for others, if she died. This was the condition when the homeopath entered the scene. On the basis of symptoms which he could observe and on the basis of symptoms collected from the family members and ascertaining/guessing the cause of the ailment, one dose of Pulsatilla in high potency was administered, which completely changed her condition. She started improving fast. After 15 days, another dose of the same medicine in water was administered in divided doses, which completely cured her. The happy husband wanted to show his gratitude to the physician and presented him with a pair of antler’s horns mounted on a log of wood, which decorates the physician’s house even today.

2. A girl, aged 18/19, had fits since her childhood. No treatment could help her. Finally she was brought to a homeopath. A detailed interrogation followed. As a child, she used to spend most of her time with her next-door neighbours. Suddenly, one day, due to some problem, they committed suicide en masse. It was a great shock to the child. Probably, it was her first encounter with death at close quarters. It affected her profoundly. Some time after that, she started having ailments, which were treated in a routine manner. Finally, she ended up with fits. Nobody thought that this had anything to do with the mass suicide next door. She became timid and very taciturn. Eventhough she was 18/19, she had not attained puberty. She was given Opium in high potency. For the next 15 days, she had not fits. So when she came again, she was sent back without any medicine and was asked to report after 15 days. But she never came back and the homoeopath also forgot the course in time. After many months, the person who had referred the patient, informed the homeopath that the girl was not only completely cured but also had attained puberty.

3. An elderly male, more than 60, had brain tumour, which was successfully operated in a famous hospital. However, after the operation, the patient was passing water stools frequently and was becoming very weak. Even though he was kept in the intensive care unit and treated with every care, the patient’s condition was steadily growing worse. The doctors started losing hope and a homeopath entered the scene, as the son of the patient had immense faith in him. Gaining access to the patient proved to be very difficult. However, the homeopath somehow managed to talk to the patient for a minutes. The patient had told him in a feeble voice that every time he farted, stools escaped. This was enough for our homoeopath, as this was a prominent symptom in a homeopathic medicine called Aloe Socotrina. This medicine was dissolved in an ounce of water and was surreptiously administered to the patient in teaspoon doses. Within 24 hours, the patient became all right and was moved to the general ward.

4. A housewife, in her forties, attempted suicide, as she was having leprosy, but was saved and brought to a homeopath. Her fingers and toes have started putrifying and foul smelling, honey-like discharge was oozing from them. There were also cracks in her palms and soles. Her condition was pathetic. Based on her individual symptoms, she was administered Graphites, a homeopathic remedy, which stopped the discharged immediately and the sores started healing fast. All her sores were completely dried and now she has no problem.

5. An elderly woman, in her sixties, was brought to a free homoepathic medical camp. Her problem was she was not able to sleep due to nightmares. She was seeing snakes everywhere and was afraid that the snakes would bite her children and they may come to harm. For this reason, she wanted all her children and grandchildren around her all the time and would not allow the lights to be switched off at night. All her loving children and grandchildren are getting vexed and the lady was becoming a nuisance to everybody. Psychiatric treatment by famous doctors did not improve her condition in any way. Even heavy sleeping doses, could not make her sleep for long. Finally, she was brought to homeopathy. Delusion of snakes is a prominent symptom in a medicine called Lac Caninum, which was administered to her immediately. There itself she wanted to lie down and sleep. The son wanted to know whether she was given sleeping pills. He was told that there was no such thing as sleeping pills in homeopathy. She slept for more than an hour. When she got up, there was complete change in her countenance and she talked freely. She did not require any further treatment and was completely cured.

Alternative Medicine-6: "Advantages of Homeopathy"

1. No side effects
2. Medicine is cheap. The cost of medicine for any disease, however dreadful or chronic, would be a few pice only.
3. No need for disease diagnosis, as Homeopathic prescription is based on totality of symptoms that are observed by the physician and those collected from the patient and his relatives/attendants (i.e. subjective and objective symptoms)
4. As a corollary to (3) above, any disease can be treated, as all diseases produce symptoms which are sufficient to treat the patient.
5. Even new diseases that are going to appear in future can be treated successfully by Homeopathy as Homeopathic Repertory consists of every possible kind of symptom and its remedy.
6. Homeopathy considers human beings as a combination of body, mind and soul.
7. Laboratory and costly tests are not necessary.
8. Majority of operations can be avoided.
9. Permanent cure for chronic diseases is possible.

Alternative Medicine-5: "The Miracles of Homeopathy"

(From the lecture delivered by Mr.S.Raja Alexander for the benefit of FASOHD members)

The Homoeopathic system of medicine was introduced by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician of the allopathic school, about 200 years ago. He was born in a poor family in Meissen, now in Germany, on April 10, 1755. Even at an early age, he showed signs of brilliance and greatness. With the help and support of his teachers, he became an MD at the age of 24. Immediately he had a very successful medical practice. He was appointed as the Physician of the Governor of the region.

During his practice, he found that the medical system of those days was based merely on conjectures/opinions and not on any scientific principle. Leaching, blood-letting and such barbarous things passed for treatment. Even the best treatment did not produce lasting effects. Only palliation was possible and cure nowhere visible. So he was disgusted with the system and discontinued his lucrative practice. However, to support his growing family, he had to do something. As he knew more than ten languages well, he undertook translation of books into German. In the course of translating Cullen’s (Allopathic) ‘Materia Medica’ from English, he came across a passage where it was stated that the bitterness of cinchona cured ague, a malaria-like ailment. He could not agree with this. He did some researches with cinchona bark and came to the conclusion that cinchona cured ague, because it produced ague-like symptoms when administered to a healthy being. This was according to SIMILIA SIMILIBRUS CURENTUR (Similar cures similar) law propounded by Hippocrates, father of modern medicine. He continued his experiments with various other substances for many years and found this law to be universal and true. He made thorough and extensive study of medical history and case studies and found many instances where diseases were cured when another similar but stronger disease affected a person. He also found that if the latter disease was dissimilar, then after the second disease disappeared, the first (original) disease re-appeared. So he found that Similia is nature’s way of cure and could be the ONLY WAY TO CURE A DISEASE. All other ways ended in suppression, modification, palliation or worsening of the condition of the patient.

He continued his experiments on himself, his family members, his friends and other volunteers. All his experiments confirmed that the Similia principle holds good for everything and everybody. This was how Homeopathy was born.

24 January, 2008

Health Tips-23: "Chillies"

Chillies contain powerful medicinal properties. They act as antioxidants that fight cholesterol, diabetes, cataract, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis; they will even burn calories! They act as a painkiller in muscle spasms, and a chilly poultice will heal sores, even in an ulcerated stomach. Healthwise, you can never go wrong with chillies. Good for kidneys, spleen, and pancreas; wonderful for lockjaw. Chillies are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and contain seven times more vitamin C than an orange. Sore throats, congestion, sluggish digestion, varicose ulcers, laryngitis, blood pressure, insomnia, hay fever, flu, is there anything that chillies can’t help cure?

Excerpt from ‘Chillies’ by Rachana Rana Bhattacharya, ‘SWAGAT’, November 2006.

22 January, 2008

Health Tips-22: A Cholesterol Primer

LDLs (Low-Density Lipoproteins)

The “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries.
Desirable: Less than 130 mg/dl
High: 160 mg/dl or more

HDLs (High-Density Lipoproteins)

The “good” cholesterol that transports LDLs away from artery walls.
Desirable: The higher the better; 35 mg/dl or less increases heart risk.


A blood fat linked to heart disease.
Desirable: Less than 200 mg/dl
High: Over 400 mg/dl

Total Cholesterol

A combined measure of all blood cholesterols
Desirable: Less than 200 mg/dl
High: 240 mg/dl and up

- National Cholesterol Education Program.

10 January, 2008

Health News-7: 'Age No Bar'

Researchers in Europe who studies 4,300 service men have found out that contrary to popular assumption, brain power grows with age.

Courtesy: 'Newscape', The Hindu, Madurai, January 8, 2008

03 January, 2008

Alternative Medicine-4: "Spiritual Healing"

By Swami Paramananda
Published by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore, Chennai
Pages 86
Price: Rs.7.50 (in 1994, when I bought it, during my visit to the Ramakrishna Mission Saradapitha, Belur Math)

It is a small pocket book, sold at a very nominal price. But it contains some great thoughts on Health, Disease and Cure and many more things. I would like everybody, whether he is healthy or sick, whether he is a physician or a patient, and whatever be his caste, creed, sex etc. to study this book and ruminate over what he or she has read. Then if the wonderful thoughts contained in this book could be put to practice, it is bound to totally transform one’s life.

I shall reproduce some gems from this great little book:

· The real seat of disease is more often in the mind than in the body.
· The only true healing is accomplished by contact with the spiritual essence.
· One may not believe in prayer, but prayer heals.
· Faith also has great healing power because it elevates us to a plane where we can be healed.
· All power is of the Spirit. Through whole-hearted prayer and unwavering faith we succeed in making ourselves receptive to this power. Unless we are open to its direct influence, it cannot penetrate our being and heal us.
· Absolute faith is the basis of all healing; even in medical science it is necessary.
· Faith brings from purity of heart, from direct perception.
· The Scriptures tell us that disease is the result of sin. Some define sin as wrong thinking, others as wrong doing; but whatever definition we accept, it is apparent that when we go against nature, we create certain results from which we cannot escape.
· Suffering is often a purifying agent.
· Even sickness sometimes proves a blessing. It all depends on the mental attitude with which we meet it. If we allow ourselves to be dragged down and made despondent and unhappy by it, then it becomes a misfortune; otherwise it may be the means of bringing to us a new spiritual awakening.
· The highest form of healing is when we do not think of the body at all.
· In Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga, where health comes first, we are told that we must have a proper physical vehicle with which to work out our perfection.
· By the understanding and application of the science of right breathing, we can keep this body in a healthy condition; because by our breathing we control the PRANA or the life-force. As long as this life-force continues to circulate evenly and steadily, perfect rhythm or balance will be maintained in our system and we shall enjoy good health.
· If we can control our breathing, we shall restore the equilibrium of our mind and thereby safeguard our health.
· When we acquire complete breath-control, we have such a store of PRANA at our command that we can send it to any part of our organism, where there may be pain or distress, and reinvigorate it. Also we can transmit it to others. This explains the sudden cures by laying on of hands and all forms of magnetic healing.
· If we do not think rightly and live rightly, we cannot have health; because we generate a poison in our system by our wrong thoughts and actions which must culminate in disease.
· Even medical science has come to recognize that any strong passion, such as vehement anger or bitter hatred, may lead to serious illness.
· Whenever man can rise above the little self and become united with that which is universal and cosmic, there is no limit to his strength.
· There are various methods by which we may accomplish self-healing, - rigid and continual denial of disease, constructive affirmations, and concentration of the mind on a counteracting influence.
· Meditation has wonderful healing power.
· Thought has a vital influence on our bodily health and especially on the breath. Whenever we are under any great mental excitement, we see how abnormal and erratic the breath becomes. Whenever, on the other hand, our mind is exalted and peaceful, our breath grows very quiet and rhythmic.
· This body is the instrument through which we have to work out our salvation. If it is out of order, it becomes a serious hindrance. When the body is disturbed, it is difficult to forget it; and if we are constantly thinking of the body, we have no time to think of higher things.
· A healthy person is one who is least conscious of his body. Therefore the object of all breath-control is to make ourselves as little conscious of our physical condition as possible.
· The majority of mankind is more or less in an unhealthy condition, either of body or mind. The greatest disease of the mind is doubt.
· We must reverse the order of our life; and instead of being so full of craving for material things, we must be filled with yearning for spiritual things.
· The more we think o the body, the less are we conscious of that which sustains the body.
· If we can separate ourselves from our body-consciousness, not through death, but through higher reflection, at once we are released from bodily pain.
· One who is always seeking material benefits rarely has his desires satisfied; but to one who does not seek them, they come easily and abundantly. How strange seems the law!
· We must learn to retire within ourselves when there is any trouble. Whatever overtakes us – whether it be physical illness, nervous excitement or mental disturbance – we must not reach out to the external world for help; we must try rather to make ourselves more fit for the manifestation of the divine Spirit. If we can draw close to the cosmic Source within ourselves, we shall be relieved from our aches and pains and darkness.
· Meditation is a vital factor in healing.
· If our sufferings are due to matter, then the remedy must be sought in the spiritual; and the more we learn to turn towards that, the more our life is balanced.
· Sometimes an illness brings a lesson of which we have need. People are awakened often to higher thought and ideals through bodily afflictions or through misfortune.
· A person who is full of aspiration learns both through good fortune and misfortune; he learns equally through physical disease and through health.
· A healthy body is an undeniable advantage in our spiritual pursuits; but we must not let ourselves become absorbed in the idea of health as an end in itself. The best form of health is where we are least conscious that we have a body. When we are really healthy, we do not think about the body at all, our feet scarcely touch the ground; but when we are thinking constantly of the body, that is not a healthy attitude of mind or a healthy state of body.
· Nothing contributes more towards good health than an orderly life of moderation.
· Meditation is invaluable even for our bodily welfare, because it gives us balance. It quiets our nerves and brings our muscles to a state of tranquility. Often this is done involuntarily.
· There is no permanent happiness in the finite, the changing, the fleeting. That which is infinite and everlasting, That alone is the Source of real happiness and blessing. We must bind our hearts to That. In That is the only permanent cure for all disease, because It carries us beyond ignorance, beyond selfishness, beyond the unreal.
· The kingdom of God is within and we are told to seek that first, then all else will follow.
· No man can become a channel of divine power so long as his ego is in the ascendancy.
· To become a true channel, he must attune himself with God through humility, through purity, through an utter lack of self-consciousness.
· All we need is purity of thought, an open heart and sincere childlike longing. When we have these, all darkness vanishes quickly and healing takes place. When we touch the reservoir of life, the storehouse of Prana or vital energy, all our weakness must disappear.
· There are many simple people who by mere faith and ardent devotion have performed what we call miracles.
· Let us tune ourselves in such a way that we shall never be a jarring note in the cosmic harmony.
· Man’s life is inter-related. His physical life is so absolutely dependent on his moral and his spiritual life that unless he pays proper heed to these, he can never hope to be healthy.
· Whenever we violate the spiritual law and try to find a short cut to happiness, the fibre of our moral being is injured and we begin to feel pains and aches in the physical body. When these conditions continue and we do not try to remove them, a mark is made on the mind. Doubt, despair and despondency arise and these react again on the body.
· A man can never be converted by violence or by mere persuasion. He can be transformed permanently only by a spiritual influx which is so redeeming, so life-giving, so healing, that when he comes in contact with it, he is re-made.
· We must acquire a well-ordered mind; because our thoughts and feelings and aspirations will produce either good health or ill health in our body.
· Suffering is not a curse; bodily illness is not necessarily a punishment. Sometimes it comes to purify and strengthen us. Therefore those who have deeper understanding strive to make the best use of illness.
· Bodily suffering becomes a blessing when it teaches us to transcend outer conditions and to turn to the soul within.
· We must have real love for an Ideal in our hearts; then not only do we elevate ourselves, but we are able to bring constant benefit
to the world.

01 January, 2008

Health Tips-21: "Healing Honey!"

Honey, used for centuries to heal wounds such as burns, is finding favour once again as an effective healer, with researchers now advising surgeons to use the sweet and viscous fluid when treating patients. The new research is based on 18 studies by Dr.Fasal Rauf Khan from North West Wales NHS Trust in Bangor.

“Honey has a number of properties that make it effective against bacterial growth, including its high sugar content, low moisture content, gluconic acid, which creates an acidic environment, and hydrogen peroxide. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation and swelling,” Dr Khan said.

Dr.Khan’s team also reported that applying honey can be used to reduce amputation rates among diabetes patients. “It can be used to sterilize infected wounds, speed up healing and impede tumours, particularly in keyhole surgery,” Dr Khan said. Studies have suggested that honey should be applied at regular intervals, from hourly to twice daily and that wounds can become sterile in three to ten days.

“Research suggests that honey seems to be especially indicated when wounds become infected or fail to close or heal. It is probably even more useful for healing the wounds left by laparoscopic surgery to remove cancers......."

The study was published in the October 2007 issue of the International Journal of Clinical Practice. - ANI

Excerpted from The Hindu, Madurai (Sunday Magazine), December 30, 2007.