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31 January, 2008

Alternative Medicine-6: "Advantages of Homeopathy"

1. No side effects
2. Medicine is cheap. The cost of medicine for any disease, however dreadful or chronic, would be a few pice only.
3. No need for disease diagnosis, as Homeopathic prescription is based on totality of symptoms that are observed by the physician and those collected from the patient and his relatives/attendants (i.e. subjective and objective symptoms)
4. As a corollary to (3) above, any disease can be treated, as all diseases produce symptoms which are sufficient to treat the patient.
5. Even new diseases that are going to appear in future can be treated successfully by Homeopathy as Homeopathic Repertory consists of every possible kind of symptom and its remedy.
6. Homeopathy considers human beings as a combination of body, mind and soul.
7. Laboratory and costly tests are not necessary.
8. Majority of operations can be avoided.
9. Permanent cure for chronic diseases is possible.

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