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30 December, 2017

Health Tips-75: List of Foods good for Blood Pressure

List of Foods good for Blood Pressure

Black Beans
Fish (such as Salmon and Tuna)
Low fat dairy
Spices (Cinnamon, Fresh garlic, Rosemary)
Sunflower seeds


25 December, 2017

Auto Urine Therapy(AUT)-12: Blood Cancer (Myloid Leukaemia)

Blood Cancer (Myloid Leukaemia)

Case 1

Woman, aged 30, had blood cancer. The physicians had informed that the disease was incurable and her days were numbered. AUT (started in 1994) completely cured her in one month. Even today she continues to be in good health.

Courtesy: Mr.RM.R.Rajasekaran's Blog

Homeo Tips-16: Carbo Vegetablis


Great deal of rancid and sour belcing.
Burning in the stomach
Excessive accumulation of gas in the stomach and abdomen, with sensation as if it would burst
Desire for acids

After debauching


About 1,00,000 people die in UK every year due to smoking.

Health Warnings-31: Aluminum in vaccine...

French scientists sound the alarm about aluminum in vaccine.

Health Facts-21: Celebration or Punishment?

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate – Women’s Health UK

Health Tips-74: The secret to living well and longer

The secret to living well and longer is:

Eat half,
Walk double,
Laugh triple and
Love without measure

-       Tibetian Proverb

18 November, 2017

Health Tips-73: Vegetable oils

Researchers believe that most vegetable oils degrade into aldehydes at high temperatures, which could be more damaging than trans fats. 

Pure coconut oil and olive oil could withstand high temperature.

Homeo Tips-15: Joint Deformation

Dr.Dewey suggests Guaiacum to PREVENT  joint deformation.
Bryonia (10M) may stave off joint deformation.

Courtesy: Hussaini Post, I Love Homeopathy

Auto Urine Therapy(AUT)-11: A case of Discharging Eruptions

A case of Discharging Eruptions

A newly married youth, aged 27, had severe eruptions all over below the hip. This was affecting his marital life, as it caused aversion. He would take injections. One course of injections would give relief for 15 days and after that the problem would recur. There seemed to be no cure. AUT ( started in 1992) completely cured him in 15 days.

Courtesy: Mr.RM.R.Rajasekaran's Blog