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28 February, 2015

On Homeopathy-2: Dr. Charles Menninger M.D.

Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine - Dr. Charles Menninger M.D., Founder Menninger Clinic

Homeo Tips-3: Natrum Sulph in Leukaemia

The remedy in my experience for Leukaemia is Natrum Sulphuratum – Dr Bellokossy, I Love Homeopathy.

Health Tips-63: CAULIFLOWER


Protects against possible cancer
Fights breast cancer
Strengthens bones
Heals bruises

Guards against heart disease

Health Facts-13: Magnesium

MAGNESIUM has a broad spectrum of health benefits.  It helps prevent muscle cramps, constipation, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, back pain and brain fog.  Take at least 400 mg of magnesium citrate or malate daily.

-  Health Capsule by Michael A Petti, MD in Chennai Times

Grateful thanks to Dr Michael A Petti and The Times of India.

14 February, 2015



Mumbai: India’s Drug Act has aided proliferation of harmful combination drugs, many of it available in retail shelves, without any clinical trials and with little medical rationale, a study has found.

This has helped harmful fixed combinations of metformin, usd for managing diabetes, to evade approval as well as price controls, reputed medical journal Lancet has said.

For Full Report TOI, Chennai, Feb.10, 2015 – Page 1 and Page 10

Grateful thanks to Rupali Mukherjee and The Times of India

On Homeopathy-1: Yehudi Menuhin

Homeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years -  Yehudi Menuhin, World-renowned violinist

Homeo Tips-2: Sulphur for Antibiotic Allergies - Dr Jacob Genis

The so-called allergic reactions to antibiotics are extremely often cured by sulphur – Dr Jacob Genis, I Love Homeopathy thru Facebook

Health Tips-62: Watermelon


Watermelon contains 82 per cent water, which helps your stomach not to crave for food.  Watermelon is rich in vitamin C, which is beneficial for health.  It is one of the healthiest foods to have if you are planning to go on a healthy diet.  It is also a good mid-day snack.

Health Facts-12: Bacteria on our Skin

Two lac crore bacteria live on our skin alone.

09 February, 2015

Homeo Tips-1: Robinia

Intense heartburn to the point of excoriating the teeth will be relieved by ROBINIA – Dr Robert L Redfield, I Love Homeopathy thru Facebook

Health Warnings-21: Tongue, a Health Indicator

White tongues can be the result of using a mouthwash that contains peroxide.  A smooth tongue is a sign of vitamin deficiency - EDEX, The New Indian Express, Jan.31,2011

Health News-38: Nano Drug for early detection of Cancer and Heart ailments

Google Life Sciences team working on Nano Drug for early detection of Cancer and Heart ailments.

For more details:

The Times of India, Chennai, Times Trends section, Page 15, Oct.30, 2014

Health Tips-61: Ginger


Prevents Colon Cancer.
Gives quick relief form Heart Burn.
Good for Migraine
Provides relief from Menstrual Cramps.
Reduces Pain and Inflammation.
Good for Morning Sickness  and Motion Sickness
Helps prevent Diabetic Nephropathy.

Works against Flu and Cold.