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15 November, 2007

Health News-4: "World Diabetes Day: November 14"

From International Diabetes Federation's Website:
Diabetes is a silent killer that kills one person every ten seconds.

Diabetes is a global problem with devastating human, social and economic impact. Today more than 245 million people worldwide are living with diabetes and by 2025, this total is expected to increase to over 380 million people. Each year another 7 million people develop diabetes.

Diabetes is a growing epidemic threatening to overwhelm global healthcare services, wipe out some indigenous populations and undermine economies worldwide, especially in developing countries.

Each year more than 3.8 million people die from diabetes-related causes, one death every 10 seconds.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is a worldwide alliance of over 200 diabetes associations in more than 160 countries, who have come together to enhance the lives of people with diabetes everywhere. For over 50 years, IDF has been at the vanguard of global diabetes advocacy. The Federation is committed to raising global awareness of diabetes, promoting appropriate diabetes care and prevention, and encouraging activities towards finding a cure for the different types of diabetes. It is the mission of IDF to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure worldwide.
From Wikipedia:
World Diabetes Day is a day of awareness for diabetes. It was developed by the International Diabetes Federation in 1991 as a way to increase people's knowledge about diabetes, and help prevent the disease. World Diabetes Day is held on November 14.
Grateful thanks to: International Diabetes Federation and Wikipedia.