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18 November, 2017

Health Tips-73: Vegetable oils

Researchers believe that most vegetable oils degrade into aldehydes at high temperatures, which could be more damaging than trans fats. 

Pure coconut oil and olive oil could withstand high temperature.

Homeo Tips-15: Joint Deformation

Dr.Dewey suggests Guaiacum to PREVENT  joint deformation.
Bryonia (10M) may stave off joint deformation.

Courtesy: Hussaini Post, I Love Homeopathy

Auto Urine Therapy(AUT)-11: A case of Discharging Eruptions

A case of Discharging Eruptions

A newly married youth, aged 27, had severe eruptions all over below the hip. This was affecting his marital life, as it caused aversion. He would take injections. One course of injections would give relief for 15 days and after that the problem would recur. There seemed to be no cure. AUT ( started in 1992) completely cured him in 15 days.

Courtesy: Mr.RM.R.Rajasekaran's Blog

Health Warnings-31: Fluoride in our Water

The fluoride in our water comes from hydrofluorosilicic acid, a toxic waste from industry.  This has never once been tested for safety.  Banned in 98% of Europe.

Courtesy: Health News