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31 January, 2008

Alternative Medicine-7: "Homeopathy: Some Case Studies"

(From the lecture delivered by Mr.S.Raja Alexander for the benefit of FASOHD members)

A miracle is something quite extraordinary and, at times, unbelievable. I have treated many cases, some of which fall into this category. I was the most-surprised than the patients and their relatives in these cases. Many homeopaths have encountered such miracles. The Homeopathic literature is replete with such case studies. I am going to share a few of them with you. However, I want to tell you that all my cases have not been like this; I have had my own share of failures. I do realize that these failures are due to my limitations as a practitioner and as a human being, and in no way, to be construed as the limitations of Homeopathy. I am sure anybody who follows the principles of Homeopathy with sincerity and devotion and works hard, is bound to get similar wonderful results.

1. Woman, middle-aged, in a remote village near Kallal, suffering from mental depression and related ailments. Psychiatric treatment at the best hospital in Madurai did not yield any results. She was sent back to her house, where she became a nuisance to the whole family. The once-loving husband thought that it would be better for her and for others, if she died. This was the condition when the homeopath entered the scene. On the basis of symptoms which he could observe and on the basis of symptoms collected from the family members and ascertaining/guessing the cause of the ailment, one dose of Pulsatilla in high potency was administered, which completely changed her condition. She started improving fast. After 15 days, another dose of the same medicine in water was administered in divided doses, which completely cured her. The happy husband wanted to show his gratitude to the physician and presented him with a pair of antler’s horns mounted on a log of wood, which decorates the physician’s house even today.

2. A girl, aged 18/19, had fits since her childhood. No treatment could help her. Finally she was brought to a homeopath. A detailed interrogation followed. As a child, she used to spend most of her time with her next-door neighbours. Suddenly, one day, due to some problem, they committed suicide en masse. It was a great shock to the child. Probably, it was her first encounter with death at close quarters. It affected her profoundly. Some time after that, she started having ailments, which were treated in a routine manner. Finally, she ended up with fits. Nobody thought that this had anything to do with the mass suicide next door. She became timid and very taciturn. Eventhough she was 18/19, she had not attained puberty. She was given Opium in high potency. For the next 15 days, she had not fits. So when she came again, she was sent back without any medicine and was asked to report after 15 days. But she never came back and the homoeopath also forgot the course in time. After many months, the person who had referred the patient, informed the homeopath that the girl was not only completely cured but also had attained puberty.

3. An elderly male, more than 60, had brain tumour, which was successfully operated in a famous hospital. However, after the operation, the patient was passing water stools frequently and was becoming very weak. Even though he was kept in the intensive care unit and treated with every care, the patient’s condition was steadily growing worse. The doctors started losing hope and a homeopath entered the scene, as the son of the patient had immense faith in him. Gaining access to the patient proved to be very difficult. However, the homeopath somehow managed to talk to the patient for a minutes. The patient had told him in a feeble voice that every time he farted, stools escaped. This was enough for our homoeopath, as this was a prominent symptom in a homeopathic medicine called Aloe Socotrina. This medicine was dissolved in an ounce of water and was surreptiously administered to the patient in teaspoon doses. Within 24 hours, the patient became all right and was moved to the general ward.

4. A housewife, in her forties, attempted suicide, as she was having leprosy, but was saved and brought to a homeopath. Her fingers and toes have started putrifying and foul smelling, honey-like discharge was oozing from them. There were also cracks in her palms and soles. Her condition was pathetic. Based on her individual symptoms, she was administered Graphites, a homeopathic remedy, which stopped the discharged immediately and the sores started healing fast. All her sores were completely dried and now she has no problem.

5. An elderly woman, in her sixties, was brought to a free homoepathic medical camp. Her problem was she was not able to sleep due to nightmares. She was seeing snakes everywhere and was afraid that the snakes would bite her children and they may come to harm. For this reason, she wanted all her children and grandchildren around her all the time and would not allow the lights to be switched off at night. All her loving children and grandchildren are getting vexed and the lady was becoming a nuisance to everybody. Psychiatric treatment by famous doctors did not improve her condition in any way. Even heavy sleeping doses, could not make her sleep for long. Finally, she was brought to homeopathy. Delusion of snakes is a prominent symptom in a medicine called Lac Caninum, which was administered to her immediately. There itself she wanted to lie down and sleep. The son wanted to know whether she was given sleeping pills. He was told that there was no such thing as sleeping pills in homeopathy. She slept for more than an hour. When she got up, there was complete change in her countenance and she talked freely. She did not require any further treatment and was completely cured.

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