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31 January, 2008

Alternative Medicine-5: "The Miracles of Homeopathy"

(From the lecture delivered by Mr.S.Raja Alexander for the benefit of FASOHD members)

The Homoeopathic system of medicine was introduced by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician of the allopathic school, about 200 years ago. He was born in a poor family in Meissen, now in Germany, on April 10, 1755. Even at an early age, he showed signs of brilliance and greatness. With the help and support of his teachers, he became an MD at the age of 24. Immediately he had a very successful medical practice. He was appointed as the Physician of the Governor of the region.

During his practice, he found that the medical system of those days was based merely on conjectures/opinions and not on any scientific principle. Leaching, blood-letting and such barbarous things passed for treatment. Even the best treatment did not produce lasting effects. Only palliation was possible and cure nowhere visible. So he was disgusted with the system and discontinued his lucrative practice. However, to support his growing family, he had to do something. As he knew more than ten languages well, he undertook translation of books into German. In the course of translating Cullen’s (Allopathic) ‘Materia Medica’ from English, he came across a passage where it was stated that the bitterness of cinchona cured ague, a malaria-like ailment. He could not agree with this. He did some researches with cinchona bark and came to the conclusion that cinchona cured ague, because it produced ague-like symptoms when administered to a healthy being. This was according to SIMILIA SIMILIBRUS CURENTUR (Similar cures similar) law propounded by Hippocrates, father of modern medicine. He continued his experiments with various other substances for many years and found this law to be universal and true. He made thorough and extensive study of medical history and case studies and found many instances where diseases were cured when another similar but stronger disease affected a person. He also found that if the latter disease was dissimilar, then after the second disease disappeared, the first (original) disease re-appeared. So he found that Similia is nature’s way of cure and could be the ONLY WAY TO CURE A DISEASE. All other ways ended in suppression, modification, palliation or worsening of the condition of the patient.

He continued his experiments on himself, his family members, his friends and other volunteers. All his experiments confirmed that the Similia principle holds good for everything and everybody. This was how Homeopathy was born.

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