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24 January, 2008

Health Tips-23: "Chillies"

Chillies contain powerful medicinal properties. They act as antioxidants that fight cholesterol, diabetes, cataract, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis; they will even burn calories! They act as a painkiller in muscle spasms, and a chilly poultice will heal sores, even in an ulcerated stomach. Healthwise, you can never go wrong with chillies. Good for kidneys, spleen, and pancreas; wonderful for lockjaw. Chillies are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and contain seven times more vitamin C than an orange. Sore throats, congestion, sluggish digestion, varicose ulcers, laryngitis, blood pressure, insomnia, hay fever, flu, is there anything that chillies can’t help cure?

Excerpt from ‘Chillies’ by Rachana Rana Bhattacharya, ‘SWAGAT’, November 2006.

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