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22 January, 2008

Health Tips-22: A Cholesterol Primer

LDLs (Low-Density Lipoproteins)

The “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries.
Desirable: Less than 130 mg/dl
High: 160 mg/dl or more

HDLs (High-Density Lipoproteins)

The “good” cholesterol that transports LDLs away from artery walls.
Desirable: The higher the better; 35 mg/dl or less increases heart risk.


A blood fat linked to heart disease.
Desirable: Less than 200 mg/dl
High: Over 400 mg/dl

Total Cholesterol

A combined measure of all blood cholesterols
Desirable: Less than 200 mg/dl
High: 240 mg/dl and up

- National Cholesterol Education Program.

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