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02 May, 2010

Homeopathy-12: The Homeopathic Tripod

We were taught by our masters to think of a tripod as a base for selecting the remedy for a patient. The three legs of the tripod are: Sensation, Location and Modality.

Sensation, for example, is the type of pain: Stitching, Hammering, Burning, Dull, Pressing, Pulsating, Boring, Burrowing, Bursting, Cutting, Drawing, Cramping, Grinding, Jerking, Lancinating, Shooting, Sore, Stunning, Tearing, Pricking etc. Incidentally this should give an idea how thorough a job our masters have done in studying various remedies.

Location, Where it pains - Temples, Vertex, Occipit, Forehead, Entire head etc.

Modality: What aggravates or ameliorates the condition of the patient. Periodicity. For example, headache better by pressing, by drinking a cup of hot coffee, in the open air, by cold/hot application etc. Headache worse by noise, by exposure to sun/heat, by slightest movement etc. As for periodicity, the complaint recur at regular intervals: once a week, once a month, every day, at a particular time every day etc.

If you are able to elicit the 'tripod' from the patient, selection of the remedy becomes easy. Because the Homeopathic Repertory is so thorough, thanks to our great masters.

If you are able to get concomitant symptoms i.e. accompanying symptoms, selection of remedy becomes easier. (Our master used to call them the Fourth leg). For example, with headache, the patient always has nausea. Such well-selected remedies often given instantaneous relief. Many of us have come across such unbelievable results, which are nothing short of miracles.

Further, now one gets a clear idea, why sometimes ten different remedies have to be prescribed for ten different persons with the same complaint; the remedy changes with the symptoms.

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