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29 April, 2010

Homeopathy-11: Cravings in Acute Diseases

Many a time cravings help in deciding on the right remedy for a disease. I remember my friend, Prof.Raghunathan suggesting that I read Dr Elizabeth Wright Hubbard's book, when I started learning Homeopathy. It was a great book for beginners. One of the things I still remember from the books is about Cravings in Acute Diseases.

She has suggested giving the patient what he craves in acute diseases if the craving has come with the disease. This often ameliorates the condition.

On the contrary, cravings in chronic diseases, if encouraged, only to lead to aggravation. For example, diabetics more often crave sweets, which should not be encouraged.

Many Homeopaths have found these little tips to be of great help in day-to-day practice.

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