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28 August, 2008

Health Warnings-8: "SUGAR, A Sweet Poison"

Modern therapeutics recommend restriction on the consumption of sugar for the purpose of maintaining health. Ayurveda and Naturopathy recommend avoidance of sugar from diet. Harmless substances like honey and fruits should be substituted for sugar. Jaggery is produced from sugarcane juice. White sugar is also produced from sugarcane juice through modern process. Considering their nutritious elements, sugarcane juice is more beneficial to health than jaggery, but white sugar has no role as a nutrient.

One of the causes of good health of our ancestors was the absence of white sugar in their diet. They maintained health and energy because they obtained as much fructose as they wanted from raw food, vegetables and fruits. Professor John Yudkin of England has minutely studied the effects of sugar in human body. He states that there is no physiological requirement of sugar. The calories and energy required for the body are easily available from fruits, vegetables and grains.

The constitution of our blood is alkaline. So dietitians advise us to eat edibles containing minerals. Sugar and sweets, after digestion, leave acidic residue in the body which is harmful and injurious to health. The chemical process made upon sugar for whitening and purifying it destroys its nutritious properties. There is little or no amount of vitamins and minerals in sugar.

The consumption of huge amount of white sugar has led to diseases like dental decay and caries, diabetes, cardiac trouble and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The reckless use of sugar leads to migraine, dermatitis and renal disorders. Moreover, sugar increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol accumulates in the inner surface of the arteries which consequently become narrow and hard. The heart has to work vigorously to push blood into such narrow arteries. Consequently, the heart becomes exhausted and weak. Sometimes it fails.

Thus, the excessive use of sugar has adverse effects on health. Not only that, it also interrupts the smooth functioning of the body and the mind and leads to various diseases. That is why sugar is considered a SWEET POISON by dietitians.

Excerpt from Juice-Diet for Perfect Health, Drs D R Gala, Dhiren Gala and Sanjay Gala, Navneet Publications (India) Ltd, Mumbai.

Grateful thanks to Drs Gala and Navneet Publications.
"Juice-Diet for Perfect Health"
by Dr D R Gala, Dr Dhiren Gala and Dr Sanjay Gala
Navneet Publications (India) Ltd, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
Pages 176
2002 Edition - Price Rs.33/-

(A wonderful book for people who would like to follow Juice Therapy. The price is also very, very cheap compared to the content, an evidence that it is published with service motive. I strongly recommend this book to all health-conscious people.)

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