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27 August, 2008

Health Facts-4: "Value of Sexual Vital Fluid"

In the structure of the body, every part, every limb, every chemical and every phenomenon is important and valuable, deserving appropriate respect and attention. Among all the phenomena the sexual vital fluid is most important for germination, survival and in short, all aspects of life. ....Only by the excretion of the sexual vital fluid man is germinated. By the same excretion man leves the body and that is the end, Death. The entire mechanism and chemistry of the body is based wholly on the sexual vital fluid. It is a unique mixture of various mysterious chemicals serving as a suitable container for the life-force. The quantity and quality of the life-force in a body is commensurate with the quantity and quality of the sexual vital fluid. Further, it is according to the quantity and quality of the life-force in a body that the quantity of charge and stock of bio-magnetism are conditioned.

When the sexual vital fluid is thrown away in an irresponsible manner, or production is reduced by illness or old age, simultaneously the stock of life-force will become proportionately less. As a result, all the three functions of the Consciousness connected with the (1) Central Nervous System (CNS); (2) Autonomous Nervous Systems (ANS); and (3) Universal Wave will become disturbed and thereby man is rendered weak in potential. Now you know the great value of the sexual vital fluid. One has to store it with care, conserve it with due reverence and expend it creatively with a total perspective awareness to enjoy a healhty, happy, prosperous and blissful life.

Although overflow of of the sexual vital fluid (i.e.) enjaculation of the surplus starts at the age of maturity, about 14 years of age, it requires ten years more for males and six years more for females to get proper strength and concentration of fluid to withstand many kinds of disturbances. After this age, the sexual vital fluid will be surprlus has to be necessarily eliminated in a natural way by coition. One or two years more or less for sexual gratification will not produce any harm. Completely suppressing the flow for lack of opportunity or by some wrong concepts will cause definite damage to the kidneys, prostate gland and brain in males, and to kidneys, uterus, ovaries and brain for females.

If for some reason one decides to lead a celibate life, some special process should be followed under the guidance of a spiritual master. There are some exercises and breathing processes to neutralise the sexual vital fluid and transmute it into spiritual energy. One should not neglect any of the facts explained above.

Over-indulgence in sex will replete the vital fluid and bring the stock to a low level. As a result of the reduction in the stock of life-force, the bio-magnetism will become deficient in intensity. Eventually the health of the body and clarity of the intellect will be the casualty. Over-indulgence in sex will also cause impotency which will result in un told suffering for both the life-partners.

Masturbation, homosexuality, having sexual contact with animals and enjoy sex during menstrual period of women will not only deteriorate the health but upset the body-chemistry to such an exrtent that it cannot be restored to normal by treatment. These are examples of improper sex.

The education in schools and colleges has come to cover a wide range of subjects from Health to Computer Technology but the importance of Sexual Education is undreestimated and overlooked. Karma Yoga includes sex education to a full extent.

Excerpts from "KARMA YOGA : The Holistic Unity" by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi.

"KARMA YOGA : The Holistic Unity"

Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi.
Vethathiri Publications
Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041, India
Pages 123
1986 edition
Grateful thanks to Vethathiri Publications.

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