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19 June, 2008

Man survives 100 hours with cigarettes, paper napkins and urine!

A newspaper report says that a man who was caught in the wreckage of the recent Chinese earthquake survived 100 hours just by eating cigarettes and paper napkins and drinking his own urine (‘Dinamalar’, Tamil daily, Madurai, May 26, 2008).

Obviously the man had a will to live. First he tore his shirt and tied the injured parts with it, which reduced his pain to some extent. Then he thought of how to save himself till rescue comes. He found in his pant packet half a pack of cigarettes and paper napkins. He started eating first a small quantity of tobacco in cigarettes at a time and then paper nap-kins. To avoid dehydration, he decided to drink his own urine. With great difficulty, he removed his shoe and used it to collect his urine and drank it.

Actually, nearby ten other people were also caught in the debris and were unable to extricate themselves. Unfortunately, they did not take his advice and started dying one after the other. When finally the military rescue team reached them, all of them were found dead, except the man who ate cigarettes and paper napkins and drank his own urine..

The rescue team gave the lone survivor first aid and then admitted him in an hospital. He is out of danger now and is convalescing fast.

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