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20 June, 2008

How To-42: "How to Recognize the Symptoms of an STD"

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How would you know if you have an STD? This article provides some information on recognizing the symptoms. As with any health information, you should not self-diagnose but should seek advice and diagnosis from your trusted health professional.


  1. Check for any abnormalities with your body. Most symptoms of STDs are concentrated around the genital and mouth region.[1] Consider the following possible symptoms:
    • Feeling sick all the time and discomfort in genital region
    • Bumps, warts or dots on the genitals, in the genital region; possibly some itchiness
    • Burning sensation when urinating
    • Smelly, discolored discharge from penile or vaginal region
    • Cold sores around mouth
    • Genital rash and subsequent feet and hands rash
    • Loss of appetite
    • Yellowing of skin and whites of eyes
    • Pain in pelvic area[2]

  2. Examine your body and look for these things.
  3. Tell your parents or guardians if you are unable to seek medical attention by yourself. Do not be afraid to tell them and to seek help. Keeping it a secret will only damage your health in the long-term and things might get worse.
  4. See your health professional.


  • Be comfortable with telling the person you tell. A nurse, parent, teacher or counselor are all good possible choices.
  • Make sure they will be able to help you.
  • Keep your own well-being in mind
  • Don't just blurt it out.


  • Your body can be harmed by having an STD - seek professional help. Untreated STDs may cause infertility (inability to have children later), increase your chances of some cancers and makes you a risk to future partners.[3]
  • If you do not practice safe sex, others can be infected.

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