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18 February, 2017

Auto Urine Therapy(AUT)-7: Uterus Tumour

Uterus Tumour

During 1996, an unmarried 18-year old girl came to me with the complaint of severe pains during menses. Driven by fear of pain, she was taking tablets to avoid menstruation which was the cause of pain. However, she could not escape pain completely. After thorough check-up in a leading allopathy hospital, it was diagnosed that she had uterus tumour. The physician advised immediate operation, as otherwise her life was in danger. As the girl was unmarried, the operation would have meant that she would have to remain a spinster all her life. It was a painful decision for her parents. They wanted to know whether there was some other alternative. They had learnt about me through their friends and came to me. I explained to them about AUT and as they were desperate, they followed my advice. She was taking urine orally and did not follow my advice about fasting and external application. However, she got complete relief from pain within a month. After that she was convinced of the efficacy of the system and started following my advice completely i.e. fasting, external rubbing and oral consumption. She was cured completely and the medical check-up also confirmed this. After that, she got married and now she is a mother of a child.

Courtesy: Mr RM R Rajasekaran's blog, 

AUT : Natural Way to Health and Happiness

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