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17 February, 2017

Auto Urine Therapy(AUT)-6: Mitral Regurgitation

Mitral Regurgitation

A youth aged 18, had pain in the knees and shortness of breath even after slightest exertion. He was also very lean. He was referred to Vijaya Hospital - Vijaya Heart Foundation, Chennai, during Dec.1997. Echocardiographic report revealed that he had mitral valve prolapse due to which there was mitral regurgitation. For two years he had been undergoing treatment without any improvement. He came to me during Oct.1999. All medicines were stopped. After four months of AUT, everything became normal. Now there is no pain and no shortness of breath. He is able to walk three kilometres daily without any dificulty. He got married recently and is leading normal life.

Courtesy: Mr RM R Rajasekaran's blog, "

AUT : Natural Way to Health and Happiness

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