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15 February, 2017

Auto Urine Therapy(AUT)-5: Ischaemic Heart Disease and other complications

Ischaemic Heart Disease and other complications

Dr.T.C.S.Veeramani, B.Sc, M.B.B.S., F.C.G.P., Kochi, a 78-year-old allopathy physician (now 80 years old), had severe Ischaemic Heart Disease and he underwent angioplasty in January 2001. He is also a diabetic. (Fasting sugar 220 mg and post prandial 270) He has been on tablets. Till April 2004, he was free from chest pain. But, in April 2003, he developed chest pain. He had to take Isordil 5 mg under the tongue. The pain will subside in 10 minutes, but the pain will reappear, if he climbs even 4 or 5 steps. He started taking AUT from February 2004. He has written a letter 105 days after taking AUT, in which he says all his problems have vanished. He can do even strenuous exercise without any difficulty what so ever. He can shout at the top of his pitch. He can sing loudly. Further, his face has become very bright and many mistake him for a 60-year-old.

Further, he also had C.O.P.D., prostate enlargement and hypertension. After AUT, these have also vanished.

After AUT, the post prandial blood sugar is only 110 or 120, even after taking a lot of ice-cream and “payasam” (a kind of sweet porridge).

Moreover, he had floaters in his eyes from his 10th year of age. Floaters like cotton wool moving when when he looked up and moved his eye balls. Amazingly, 50% of that has also disappeared.

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