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26 April, 2010

Homeopathy-9: "There is no medicine for any disease in Homeopathy"

Yes, there is no medicine for any disease in Homeopathy. That is what one of my masters told us.

At that time I was confused and thought that he was joking. Then he went on to explain.

In allopathy, if you have a disease-tag, selecting the medicine is easy. But in Homeopathy medicines are prescribed on the unique, peculiar, uncommon, rare symptoms of the patient. Often you may have to discount the pathological symptoms. Suppose ten patients come to you with a complaint of headache; sometimes you may have to prescribe ten different medicines if their unique symptoms happen to be different. For example, one says his headache is better, if he closes his eyes and takes rest in a calm place. Another may say that if pressure applied on the temples, he feels relieved. Yet another may say it is better in the open air or if he takes a cup of hot coffee. Like this, you have different symptoms qualifying headache: what aggravates it, what ameliorates or relieves it, the location of the pain:
temples, occiput, vertex, or whole head; the type of pain: hammering, stitching, dull etc.; time modality: occurring at regular intervals/at a particular times/worse at a particular time.

All these decide the selection of the remedy.

So it is true that there is no medicine if you just ask medicine for headache. This individualization is the crown of Homeopathy, which ensures instant cure, at least in most cases.

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