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25 August, 2009

Spiritual Healing-2: "Healing Secrets with Dr Deepak Chopra"

Today is a very happy day for me. While surfing the YouTube, I stumbled on to this wonderful video presentation of Healing Quest where Dr Deepak Chopra shares Healing Secrets with all. Perhaps you all know that he is a world-famous endocrinologist and populariser of the concept of Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine. He explains Spiritual Healing scientifically and beautifully in this video. I would like to share this with you all, for this is a must for everybody who is on the lookout for alternative therapies, especially non-invasive therapies.

If we can understand and follow his ideas of healing, we would find ways to heal ourselves and realize that there is tremendous potential lying dormant in all of us which can be activated so that we not only heal ourselves but also find ways to lead a life of fulfillment.

The concept is when we are intensely or ecstatically happy, we are in touch with our spirit. Getting in touch with your spirit means you feel connected with everybody and everything and overflow with love; you know what you need to know; and you feel immensely happy.

Scientifically explained, when you are in touch with your spirit your body secretes seratonin and dopamine, which he calls happy hormones; opiates which make you feel intoxicated and which are immuno-modulators; oxytocin which is the pleasure hormone or love hormone. Thus when you are in touch with your spirit, you are in an internally induced state of euphoria and your immune system gets regulated and spiritual healing takes place.

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Grateful thanks to Dr Deepak Chopra, HealingQuest, YouTube and Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia.

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