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09 February, 2009

How To-94: "How to Stay Healthy in Small Ways"

How to Stay Healthy in Small Ways

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Small easy things that you can do everyday to stay fit and healthy.


  1. Drink water in the morning after getting up and right before bed. It hydrates your body and it's really easy to drink a glass when you brush your teeth.
  2. Stretch a little if you are waiting for a bus or ride in the morning. It gets your blood flowing which wakes you up.
  3. Take some nice breaths of air when outside, not only does it smell fresh but it feels like it rejuvinates you.
  4. Eat breakfast. Everyone should but if you can't because of a crazy schedule keep a jar of raisins or other dried fruit within quick reach so if you are in a hurry you can grab a handful and run.
  5. Throw your shoulders back when you walk. It boosts your confidence which in turn raises your self esteem.
  6. Weight lift a little with the detergent when doing laundry. Set a goal for a certain number of lifts with a full bottle.
  7. Channel surf when you're watching television and a commercial break comes on. It means you won't be tempted to go get an unhealthy snack.
  8. Get in a routine that is healthy because once you're stuck in it you will be able to determine what might not be the best thing for you. It may be a snack offered to you that is full of sugar and preservatives, or cutting corners with work.
  9. Take more trips. In other words, if you have to bring the two garbage cans to the road make two trips to the curb, instead of one carrying both cans at the same time. A little more walking never hurt. Also, you can park farther away from the store Not only will you not have to fight for a space but parking so far away will result in more walking to and fro.
  10. Keep yourself clean. Chipped nail polish has never looked good, no one likes body odor, and your ears should not be filled with wax.
  11. Pace around when you talk on the phone so you are up and walking around. Also, it has been found that it helps you focus on your conversation.
  12. Bend at your knees and not your waist when you drop something. That's what your knees are there for.
  13. Have a headache? You do not always need an asparin! There is an easier way to fix your headache. Get rid of a headache by: 1.Taking a few deep breaths, 2.Closing your eyes, 3.Taking your index finger and thumb of your right hand to make a backwards "C" shape, and 4.Clamping your fingers near the webbing between your left thumb and pointer. (It might be a bit of a discomort, but it releives the headache)


  • If you do have a little more time in your day then going for a walk always makes you feel better, it clears your mind, and keeps you healthy
  • SLEEP and WATER. They will do wonders to your mood, spirit, and those annoying little bags under your eyes.

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