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20 February, 2009

How To-115: "How to Go on a Raw Food Diet"

How to Go on a Raw Food Diet

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A raw food diet can be incredibly delicious and diverse. With adequate research, it can be well-balanced in nutrients to help maintain optimal health and an ideal weight.


  1. Get informed.
    • Research different websites, such as Useful search terms are: living foods, raw, sprouting, dehydrator, juicing, blender, vita-mix, healing, enzymes, organic or recipe.
    • Research different books, such as Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening by Victoria Boutenko. The China Study by T. Colin Campbell includes alternative sources of protein.
    • Find community. Join a local potluck or start one of your own. It's wonderful to share food with others. Online forums provide a great resource to meet fellow raw foodists, exchange recipes and have questions answered.
  2. Grow your own food. Experiment with sprouting seeds and herbs. A sunny window sill can be a good source of fresh food all year round.
  3. Make your own compost. Your food will contain more nutrients. Try a compost bin or a worm composter.
  4. Buy organic produce when possible. It is almost toxin-free and tends to have more vitamins and minerals.
  5. Acquire appropriate kitchen equipment. Sharp knives are essential. A food processor, juicer and dehydrator can be very useful.
  6. Eat a variety of foods. Make a list of produce, herbs, nuts and seeds from A to Z that you would like to include in your diet.
  7. Introduce raw foods slowly into your current diet.
    • Begin with fresh fruit for breakfast.
    • Transition fresh, raw plant food into your remaining meals on a weekly basis.
    • Be flexible. You may wish to eat a partially raw diet for a length of time before advancing to a completely raw diet.
  8. Experiment with a solar oven. It uses minimal heat to preserve more nutrients. It can be used with a variety of dishes to make satisfying and delicious patties, hot and cold soup, dips, crackers, etc.


  • Remain aware of changes in your digestive system or overall well-being.
  • Supplement your diet with Vitamin B12 to prevent anemia.
  • Raw foods and ingredients may include nut milk, pudding, smoothies and frozen banana cream.
  • If you dine out, bring a few of your own ingredients, such as an avocado, lemon, herbs or natural salad dressing. (Although most health codes prohibit bringing your own food into a restaurant.)
  • Choose to buy organic if a certain type of produce is being treated with a large amount of pesticide. This type of data can be easily researched online.
  • Be secure when eating raw animal products. Ask questions about their quality and source.


  • Not everyone can be healthy on this diet. Listen to your body.
  • Obtain enough protein and healthy fats for proper metabolism.

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