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03 November, 2008

How To-90: "How to Stop Nausea With Acupressure"

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While it hasn't been scientifically proven that acupressure can reliably relieve nausea, many people report that it works for them, and it has no known side effects.[1] It can be used on airplanes, with hangovers, and at sea, and is a quick fix worth trying, especially if other treatments aren't available.


  1. Take your index finger and middle finger and place them on your wrist at the base of your palm to measure where your nausea acupressure point is.
  2. Find your acupressure point -- two or three finger widths down from the top crease in the wrist, centered in the groove between the two large tendons.[2] This is known as the P6 point (or "inner gate").
    • Another acupressure point that relieves nausea but is more difficult to find is ST36 ("three miles"). Measure one hand width below the kneecap and press with your fingernail on the outside of the bone.[3]
  3. Take your thumb and index or middle finger and press firmly on the points on both sides of the wrist when you feel nauseous. You should feel relief in 10-30 seconds. Sometimes, however, it can take up to five minutes.[4]
  4. Tap your wrists together gently at the acupressure points while taking deep breaths, as shown in the video below. You can alternate with tapping the outsides of your hands together.
  5. Purchase a wristband that applies pressure to the correct spot. They usually have a knob or flat button positioned over the acupressure point. You might feel relief as soon as you put it on, but after your body grows accustomed to the pressure, you'll need to press down on the acupressure point for extra relief.[5]


  • Light pressure is usually effective. Don't squeeze down too hard! Stop if you feel any pain or discomfort.
  • Relax both arms and shoulders.


  • These are acupressure points, not acupuncture points. Do not use needles!
  • If you suffer from chronic nausea you should definitely seek medical attention even if the technique works. It is only a quick fix after all.

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