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03 November, 2008

How To-86: "How to Relax Under a Tree"

How to Relax Under a Tree

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There is nothing as beautiful as a fully grown tree or a tree in full foliage, or even in blossom if we're lucky enough. Such trees inspire us to relax and commune with nature, taking advantage of the shade, the quiet goings-on of the tree's inhabitants and the beauty of its form.


  1. Select the perfect tree. The location of the tree is up to you, as long as it is somewhere pleasant, peaceful and out of the way of pedestrian traffic. It may be in your backyard, in a local park or a place that you enjoy walking through. Decide what appeals to you by reason of a tree's shape, color, height, peculiarities, texture etc. Trees are as individual as we are, making the choice a very personal one.
  2. Set up your comfortable spot. It may be as simple as sitting underneath the tree on a rug or even simply on the soft grass nourished by the tree's shelter. Or perhaps you are quite agile and would enjoy climbing up the tree for a view and a position above the rest of the world below.
  3. Relax by appreciating the tree. If you are simply going to admire the tree, you can lie back and watch the foliage. See how the sun's rays peep through the leaves and watch the dance of the trees branches in the breeze.
  4. Read. Reading under, next to or on a tree is a pleasant and peaceful pastime. A favorite novel, a new magazine, or a biography are just some of the possible choices.
  5. Write. If you enjoy writing, or even if you have to study or prepare some written work, it can be more relaxing to attempt this sitting under the tree and enjoying nature's sounds around you.


  • There is nothing to stop you from enjoying trees in winter. On a warmer winter's day, lie back on the snow and look up into the branches of a deciduous tree and get to know the tree really well. Call back again in summer to the same tree and see how the foliage has changed its nature and perspective for you.

Things You'll Need

  • a book
  • magazines
  • sunscreen(a good idea in winter or summer, even on overcast days)

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