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21 August, 2008

Health Warnings-5: "Disadvantages of the Animal Protein"

1. Meat is not only very high in fat and cholesterol but contains horrendous levels of chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides and female hormones, all of which get stored in the animal muscle which we eat.

2. The animals do not graze freely or exercise and this increases the saturated fat levels in their flesh.

3. A high-level of meat in the diet is known to cause the loss of many nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamins B3 and B6. It increases free radical activity and acid levels, and it could lead to cancer.

4. Osteoporosis is more prevalent in those eating meat, mostly because of the raised acid levels in the diet. This indirectly causes the loss of bone calcium.

5. Purines, which cause gout, are very high in meat, and they also cause the destruction of healthy bowel micro-organisms which maintain so many important functions.

6. Eating meat does lead to early rapid growth, but equally it causes early rapid aging due to free radical activity and damaged genes.

7. The high protein content of meat calls for a lot of digestive enzymes, which stresses the pancreas. If large quantities of these enzymes have to be produced for digestion then less may be available for the destruction of cancer cells.

8. Menstrual problems are also often due to excessive fat from animal sources, and this can prevent oestrogen clearance from the blood, with consequent PMT problems.

Excerpts from “You don’t have to feel Unwell: Nutrition, Lifestyle, Herbs & Homeopathy” by Robin Needes, published by M/s.B.Jain Publishers P Ltd, Delhi, 325 pages, First Reprint 1995, Price: Rs.90/-.

(A great book; contains a lot of useful information and wealth of details; strongly recommended to all those who wish to maintain perfect health, without depending much on medicines.)

Grateful thanks to Robin Needes and B.Jain Publishers P Ltd, Delhi.

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