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22 August, 2008

Health Tips-25: "Backache"

Backache may be due to many reasons. Disorders which cause it should be tackled first. Gout, constipation, a wrong posture and menstrual disorders of women can cause backache. If the pain persists even after these maladies have been cured, hot fomentation and massaging the affected part can help because in that case the ache may be due to the accumulation of excess blood in the lumbar region. Hot fomentation and massages will dispel the blood and give relief.

Excerpt from “Nature Cure for Common Diseases”
By Vithaldas Modi
Orient Paperbacks, New Delhi
Pages 197
Price: Rs.20/- (1988)

(A great book and a must for those who would like to follow Nature Cure and prefer to treat themselves).

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