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01 August, 2008

Health Tips-19: "Camel's Milk and Type One Diabetes"

It is reported that Camel’s milk is a boon for diabetics, for it contains natural insulin.

A study of camel’s milk was carried out at the Bikaner Medical College of Rajasthan. It was found that one litre of camel’s milk contains 53 units of insulin.

People suffering from Type I diabetes can benefit by taking camel’s milk.

It was also found out that certain tribes of Rajasthan are totally free from diabetes as they take camel’s milk on a regular basis.

Further lab experiments on albino rats have confirmed that camel’s milk has curative properties.

‘Kalaimagal’, a Tamil monthly magazine, reports that the Indian Medical Council has recognized the above study.

Courtesy: ‘Kalaimagal’, Tamil monthly magazine, February 2008

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