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22 July, 2008

Alternative Medicine: "Oil Pulling"

Oil Pulling or just “OP”, as it is popularly known, is being used by people all over the world. It is claimed to cure a lot of diseases like headache, toothache and a plethora of other diseases, besides ulcers in the mouth.

I tried OP personally some years back for a period of about 30 days. My sincere feeling is that there is definitely something good in it. As it is said, most of the infections start in the mouth, and OP obviously prevents many of these.

Many websites and blogs devoted exclusively to OP have sprung up. They give in detail method of using OP, its benefits and many other things. I am furnishing below a few links which you may find useful:


User Experiences:

Home Page:

How to do Oil Pulling:

Article on “Oil Pulling” from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

“Bad Teeth Equal Bad Heart”:

“Link between Gum Disease and Heart Disease”:

Grateful thanks to, Guide for Self-Healing,, and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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