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17 July, 2008

Health Tips-16: "The Magic in Being Active"

It prevents diabetes.
It prevents strokes
It strengthens the heart and the blood vessels
It prevents osteoporosis
It prevents arthiritis
It prevents obesity
It tones your muscles
It prevents high blood pressure.
It prevents heart attacks
It increases your stamina.
It lowers cholestrol in blood
It lowers triglycerides in blood
It makes you younger
It keeps you mentally alert

Regular exercise makes you more energetic even at the end of the day.

Exercise and activity also relaxes, it reduces stress.

Regular exercise is important for promoting weight control or weight loss. Exercise helps you burn calories, so it helps you loose weight, which in-turn protects from chronic disease, like coronary heart disease (heart disease), diabetes and osteo-arthritis. It also decreases the appetite.

Grateful thanks to the Public Health Foundation of India and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

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