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17 July, 2008

Health News-11: "Four Lakh People Quit Smoking!"

More than 4,00,000 people in England have given up smoking as a result of the ban on lighting up in public places introduced in July 2007, according to a study.

Researchers say 40,000 deaths will be prevented over the next decade as a result of the ban.

Smoking was made an offence in all enclosed public spaces in England, including pubs and restaurants, on July 1, 2007.

Another study to be published by the Department of Health will show that a total of 2,34,060 people have stopped smoking with the help of a special service offered by the National Health Service since the ban came in.

Dr.Robert West, Director of Tobacco Studies, UK, said: “I never expected such a dramatic impact …. If the Department of Health can keep up the momentum this has created, there is a realistic prospect of achieving a target of less than 15% of the population smoking within the next ten years” - AFP

Excerpt from ‘4 lakh people quit smoking since ban: Despite some opposition to the law in England, compliance has been almost total’ (AFP), The Hindu, Madurai, July 1, 2008.

Article on “Smoking Ban” from Wikipedia:

Grateful thanks to AFP, The Hindu and Wikipedia.

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