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09 June, 2008

How To-36: "How to Expel Mucus Without Hurting Your Ears when Blowing"

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Ever had the terrible feeling when you blow your nose and your ears pop? Well, this how-to will show you through this pain, and even better solutions.


  1. Stick a cotton swab up your nose. This may sound very gross, but you must perform this step to see if you have a really bad mucus blockage. If your nose is runny, then you should be able to blow your nose a little bit. Note that you must not stick it up too far up the nose!
  2. Pull out the cotton swab and examine it. Is it full of nasal discharge? What color is it? Note these down on some paper, because it may help when you see the doctor. Now, throw the cotton swab away.
  3. Think of these questions:
    • Do your ears hurt when you blow?
    • Have you been blowing your nose excessively?
    • While you were blowing, is the amount of mucus little or none?
    • When you blow, and nothing or a small bit of mucus comes out of your nose, do you still feel like you are clogged?
    • When a doctor/you press your thumbs just under your eyes, does it hurt with a lot of pressure?

  4. Check to see if you have a sinus infection. If you answered yes to each and every question, you have a sinus infection or Nasal blockage. Your sinuses are by your ears, nose, and eyes.

What to Do Next
  1. Stop blowing, or at least blowing as hard as you do.
  2. Take a decongestant as often as needed.
  3. Consult your doctor and tell them of your results and symptoms. Get a prescription from them for your sinus infection. (Be sure to tell them of any allergies you have to chemicals and medicines, if any.)
  4. Take both medicines as directed.


  • You cannot get some certain medicines off the shelf these days, such as Robotussin and most decongestants, for some stupid people used them to get high in the past, so they took precautions. If they will not sell you your medicine, get a note from a doctor.


  • Don't get the cotton swab stuck up your nose. That will just make it worse.

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