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04 June, 2008

How To-29: "How to Ensure That You Have Healthy Children"

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Keeping your kids healthy through food takes some extra special attention to what you are feeding them and it also requires knowledge and planning to get it right. You can do it, provided you make it a priority.


  1. Remove all cooking oils; margarine; anything containing hydrogenated protein; MSG; added sugars (sucrose, dextrose, dextrine, fructose, maltose, lactose, sorbitol, manitol etc.); artificial sweeteners; preservatives and/or stabilisers and all “low fat?? or “fat free?? products, coffee, tea, cocoa and other drinks from your home, take them to a toxic waste dumping site and dispose of them.
  2. Replace the cooking oils with suet, lard and coconut oil; use only full-cream, whole milk. Eat and feed your family plenty of fat – don’t cut it from the meat – and fry in suet or lard. Serve internal organs: liver fried in its own fat; kidneys fried in theirs; pancreas (sweetbreads) and brains (you might have to find innovative ways to disguise them at first). Marrow bones and the feet of the animals or birds should be the base of your flavourings, not compressed cubes. Chicken skin must never be removed, and do not skim fat from gravy. Use pelagic (oily, migratory) fish and cheese often. The hoofs and horns of animals are rich in gelatine, which is also present in the connective tissue and upon which your body thrives.
  3. Keep veggies natural. Where possible, do not peel vegetables: wash well and eat them with skins, seeds and all. Do not serve packaged breakfast cereals; never allow anything that has been sweetened in any way to go down their throats. Pre-packaged foods are out: even frozen vegetables. Filtered fruit juice is a no-no: serve whole, or pureed, fruit with only the seeds removed. Use butter instead of margarine and give everyone a tablespoonful of cod liver oil daily in the colder months. You can mix the cod liver oil with fresh, full-cream milk.
  4. Keep carbohydrates low. Use fresh, raw vegetables, including carrot; onion (all kinds); tomato; lettuce; radish; pumpkin; celery; garlic; sweet peppers, cucumber, herbs etc. Beetroot; cabbage; cauliflower; cucumber and others can be fermented, which is a form of “pre-digestion??, but this should not be served on a regular basis. Fruits that have a high sugar content should be avoided, as they will upset the insulin balance and cause tooth decay. Nuts and apricot pip kernels can be eaten in moderation, that is to say, no more than about 100g per week. Cut out baked confections as they use flour and sugar. For special occasions, make omelettes with fancy, fatty fillings Never use margarine, oils or low-fat products. The making of real mayonnaise is a forgotten art: master it, but use sparingly or use dressings made with avocado. Bananas supply potassium and other minerals and can be eaten in season. Ferment vegetables as is outlined in the old-fashioned cookery books, some of which you will find, free, at and serve as pickles. Vinegar eats at your bones, so stay away from it.
  5. Do not allow sweets of any kind. How do you know if any members of your family are consuming too much vegetable matter or are eating trash behind your back? Easy - they will begin to stink. People who have the correct balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates do not have to waste money on deodorants or air fresheners, even in the bathroom, believe it or not! They do not fart and their breath smells fresh and clean.
  6. Be aware that different family members have different needs. Do the necessary research to identify differing needs.
  7. Be prepared. If you think that this is going to give you a lot of extra work, you are right: it is but it is worth it for everyone's health.
  8. Remember that milk causes excess mucus, so adults can safely cut down on it. Children and adolescents, however, can drink freely. If you become constipated, increase your fat intake, as your protein levels are not balanced with your fats. Dietary fibres are excellent for the digestive system – of cattle and horses, but since you are not a ruminant or a browser, have only one stomach and you don’t chew the cud and you do not solely eat grass or leaves, they have no place in your stomach.
  9. If you are a young person and you start eating this way now, do not be surprised if you do not put on excess weight; do not be surprised if you slowly, but surely, lose excess weight; do not be surprised if you have more energy than you can use; do not be surprised if your brain function goes into turbo mode; do not be surprised if you have little or no acne; and do not be surprised if your children are born naturally, are blooming with good health, have wide, handsome faces and never have to undergo orthodontic correction for their teeth.


  • Your body is not a simple machine, as the “experts?? believe. It is far more complex than they can ever imagine. It works in this wise: it takes the nutrients you supply it and ferries them to the parts that need them. If you are feeding it correctly, it will manufacture most of the substances it lacks from the elements it extracts from your food. Your body has its own atomic reactors that break down the food into its primary elements and use these to build the nutrients you need. Vitamins and supplements are only required if your diet is deficient - and if they are synthetic, there is no guarantee that they will work. Due to mineral depletion in the soil, we may have to resort to drastic measures to ensure that we take in sufficient nutrients, including sponsoring and working on special farms to grow organic food for us.
  • If you eat correctly, the chances of you suffering with osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, anorexia, heart disease, circulatory maladies, dental problems, nervous ailments, stress, cancer and many other disorders are profoundly reduced ... and your children will be just as healthy if you feed them the correct foods.
  • If you eat a modern “healthy?? diet, your body does not have the nutrients it needs to repair any damage, so it makes do with the artificial stuff you have been feeding it. Since your body is unable to properly dissolve this junk, it piles up and causes blockages. Your blood vessels do not have the necessary fats and oils to keep them supple, flexible and lubricated, so they stiffen and harden with the plastic “nutrients?? that they have no choice but to use. The little cholesterol you now have cannot get through to do its job, so it gets stuck in veins and junctions that can no longer expand and bend in the way they are meant to do. You develop a thrombosis or have a stroke. Your doctor will tell you that your cholesterol levels are too high, but that’s not the real problem at all.
  • By the way, do you know how aspirin thins the blood? It kills off your red blood cells, the very corpuscles that ferry oxygen throughout your body and to your brain. It’s not your blood that is too thick and requires thinning: it’s your veins that have solidified from all the plastic you have been eating and can no longer accommodate a perfectly normal blood supply! Your blood only thickens when you are dehydrated, so drink enough pure, clean water.
  • One consideration that you must take into account is the very salient fact that our ancestors managed to survive for the past few million years without our “modern, healthy?? diet. If their diet was deficient, following generations should have suffered degeneration and mankind should have died out. The fact that we are still around after all this time must bear testimony to the level of health they enjoyed. They could not have had our ever-increasing levels of heart and circulatory diseases, cancers and other ailments. Facial narrowing, which causes tooth crowding, is a brand new condition, as are circulatory diseases and osteoporosis, this last primarily caused by oestrogen, used in birth control pills and injections.
  • Something is definitely wrong with the way we are living, and while pollution may have to shoulder some of the blame, our diet has changed so radically over the past century, and strange and new, incurable diseases, which have no seeming causes, have arisen. The “AIDS experts?? still have not been able to isolate the “virus?? that cause HIV or AIDS - and no doctor can promise you a cure for diabetes! More people die of cancer than modern medicine can cure: you have a less than a one-in-four chance of “surviving?? cancer and as low as 1 in 100 with certain types, despite modern drugs and treatments. Cancer, although not contagious, and despite optimistic predictions of a cure before the end of the 1980s, is “spreading?? faster than we have the ability to cope with it. Remember also that no doctor or pharmaceutical company will be foolish enough to give you a 100%-money-back-if-it-doesn’t-work guarantee on their medications or procedures!
  • Do you want a sure return on your money? Invest in a pharmaceutical company that specialises in insulin. Diabetes is on the rise and if we don’t do something about it now, by 2020 fifty percent of the world’s population will be afflicted by it! Diabetes is simply the body’s inability to cope with the amount of carbohydrate that is pumped into it: it is not only a sugar-related disease. If diabetics were to follow the diet I have outlined above, they would stop their insulin dependency for good and save themselves and their families a veritable fortune.
  • Detractors, remember my challenge: either accept and finance it - or shut your despicable faces.
  • Go to for dietary advice, but make a special point of reading “Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry??
  • for various articles about health, foods and other matters. and navigate to ABC Radio National - Background Briefing 30 September 2001 - Drugs or Dinner: Marketing Functional Foods.htm
  • This has nothing to do with nutrition, but if your young children seriously and earnestly begin telling you fantastic or improbable tales, go to Carol Bowman’s website Very attentively read her Press Kit page to get an understanding and insight into some of the things they may be trying to convey to you. At the very least, you will be able to tell whether their tales are real or just plain fantasy.


  • Warnings:
  • Do not be conned by the results of cholesterol tests: high cholesterol levels mean that your body has enough nutrients running around to effect repairs, lubricate blood vessels and ensure the proper functioning of your brain, nerves, digestion, heart and everything else. Low cholesterol levels means that you are starving your body of essential nutrients.
  • If you suffer with arteriosclerosis or any other such vascular degeneration, your body parts are turning into plastic, thanks to the cooking oils, margarine, hydrolised protein, refined foods, additives, stabilisers, preservatives and carbohydrates you have been stuffing into it. Reversing this process may take some time, but you can start the repair by cutting out this rubbish, turning to natural fats and taking a tablespoonful of cod liver oil every morning. If you cannot handle the taste, too bad, get used to it: we are trying to save your life and ensure healthy children here! You must get vitamins D and A into your body. The capsules are covered with plastic and you will have to swallow between ten and twenty to satisfy your requirements. Do not be tempted to supply these vitamins in tablet form: your body needs the oil, besides which, the “vitamins?? in the tablets are most likely synthetic i.e.: plastic.

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