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02 June, 2008

How To-23: "How to Cope With Bulimia"

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Bulimia is a serious disorder that's hidden behind closed doors - literally. It's a serious and very dangerous disease that slowly kills your body. If you're bulimic right now it's important that you stop immediately! The longer you stay bulimic, the harder it will be to quit. And binging and purging will be all you think about 24/7, possibly for the rest of your life. Bulimia can result from many things such as depression, anger, anorexia, body image issues, trying to fit in,etc. Overall, it's just away of relieving yourself from some problem(s). Here are some ways to cope with it.


  1. Understand how serious the symptoms are. Most people with bulimia don't notice because it's taking place from the inside of their body. The acid from your body also rots your teeth, resulting in lots of pain! Your cheeks will also become permanently swollen. See the "Warnings" for more concerns.
  2. Know that you are on the path to harming yourself seriously. Bulimia is a serious illness with serious consequences, possibly even death from malnutrition, reduced immunity or suicide.
  3. Tell someone and get help. Tell someone that you can trust that you have this problem. Accepting the problem is the first step and letting another person into your confidence is a vital step towards recovery. Ask for their support and ask them to assist you and back you in seeking professional help. Such persons might include a friend, a teacher, family, a church member, a school counselor. It must be someone you have faith in and who you can trust to keep your problem confidential.Overeaters Anonymous is a support group of individuals who through shared experience, strength and hope are recovering from eating disorders. Anonymity is a charished tradition of the membership with no dues or fees.
  4. Get professional help. Seek advice from recovery centers, psychologists, your local doctor, counseling etc. You may need both medical intervention and counseling at the same time to get you through the worst emotional hurdles. Help is always available.
  5. Be kind to yourself. You are a lovable, desirable person. All of us are worthwhile human beings and all of us have an amazing inner reserve of strength to call upon if needed. Find that strength and relearn to love yourself. Don't let other people's opinions or attitudes towards you make you hate your body. Realize that the problem lies with them, not with you.


  • Don't start, don't even "try it out". Bulimia isn't pretty, it isn't glamorous and it isn't a successful way to keep yourself healthy and attractive. Eventually your skin will look gray and hollow, your eye sockets will reflect shadows and darkness and you will look gaunt. You are weakening your body's defense mechanisms, opening yourself to colds, 'flus and even worse illnesses.
  • Bulimia is about developing a hateful relationship with food. Food is our nurturing fuel, not our enemy. Seek advice on healthy nutrition rather than gorging on unhealthy and unnecessary foods. You can keep very slim on a healthy diet that satisfies the stomach, heart and mind.


  • The constant vomiting in bulimia causes a serious imbalance in your body's electrolyte levels. Every time you destabilize your electrolytes, you are putting your heart and other vital organs in serious jeopardy.
  • In addition to bringing up whatever food you have eaten, you are also bringing up the acids your stomach uses to digest your food. That acid burns your esophagus, throat, and mouth, and is what also causes your teeth to decay.
  • Bulimia has serious long-term consequences. Even recovered bulimics are at great risk of developing cancers of the mouth and throat.
  • A lot of people who make themselves sick can hold out for quite a long time, but with a lot of difficulty on the way. It may not always be visible to other people until it takes a real toll on your body and appearance, but it is still something very, very important.

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