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04 June, 2008

How To-26: "How to Choose a Diet That Suits You"

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There are many diets out there on the market today. Everyone says that 'theirs is the best'. Check out the diets yourself, read about them, and understand the pros and cons of each. Then choose one that will fit your lifestyle.


  1. Atkins - This diet can and does result in rapid weight loss, especially when aiming to lose a quick 10lbs after the holidays. It is fairly easy to follow, and allows followers to eat many delicious foods (meat, cheese etc) that other diets restrict. There is no calorie restriction, so dieters rarely feel hungry. The initial period (2 weeks) people often feel ill. This is called induction flu and soon passes. After which people feel more energetic and enjoy improved health and weight loss. This diet is largely misunderstood, but unbiased research and personal testimonials support this way of eating.

  2. Calorie Restriction - This diet is easy to understand. There is little restriction on types of food you can eat., and it leads to longer life, better health, lower blood pressure and more! Those are the Pros - the Cons are that dieters rarely feel full, you're always counting calories, and need full knowledge of the calorific content of every food! Also be careful of restaurant foods. They are full of hidden butters, creams & oils!
  3. Cleansing - ! You will feel fresher, more energetic. A cleaner liver also metabolizes food faster, and sets up your body to lose weight in the long term! However, this diet is hard to stick to! You may feel hungry, tired and perhaps a little dizzy. That's why its a great diet to do on holiday.
  4. Green Tea Diet - This diet is very easy to follow, and studies have shown its effectiveness. The health benefits of drinking Green Tea every day are more than just weight loss. On the other hand, weight loss is not as dramatic as with other diets, and of course you have to like Green Tea!
  5. Low Fat Diet - The focus on natural healthy foods has other benefits, beyond just weight loss. There is really no need to count calories on this diet. Cons Giving up so many foods is not for everybody, but if your consumption of meat, fish etc is limited already, you may find it easy! Low fat diets are dangerous, because there are essential fatty acids that the body requires to function. The only fats that are bad for you are trans fats.
  6. South Beach Diet - The focus on 'good carbs' and 'bad carbs' reduces the risk of heart disease. There is also no need to count calories on this diet, and you do not limit carbs, so its easier to feel full. This diet unnecessarily restricts saturated fat and is therefore considered healthier than Atkins, however this is a myth...saturated fat is not dangerous at all. The body will manufacture it's own saturated fat and your bad cholesterol will go up on a low fat diet. People who eat lots of saturated fat see an improvement in their cholesterol levels. Read up on the Cholesterol Myth for more information.
  7. The Zone Diet - Dieters get most of the nutrients they need, as fruits and vegetables are OK! Cravings for carbs tend to disappear after a few days, and weight loss on The Zone can be very rapid!


  • Good cleansing recipe - apple, carrot, celery, ginger. Just blend and drink!


  • Readers should be in sound health before going on a diet. If on medication they should check with their doctor.
  • Not every diet is for everyone!!

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