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30 May, 2008

How To-17: "How to Increase Your Energy Level"

How to Increase Your Energy Level

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Learn how to increase your energy and be more productive. This is especially important if you're a player who's involved in a sport.
Having the right psychology is crucial but being in a great physical shape is equally important. People who have more energy are more productive in every way. This is especially important for someone who is trying to get better in whatever sport he is participating. Desire to achieve something. Think about it. You will feel better when you finish something you enjoy doing. It's not even a task for you. It's just something you love doing. Find something that excites you and drives you. It's all perception. Find the job you love doing and you'll never work ever again. This factor tends to get into the psychological part of what drives us as human beings. The point is to have a goal that we want to achieve. We will find the energy to make it happen.
Drink a lot of water. I'm sure you've heard it many times but the right amount of water in our body is everything. You will hear this in every self help program. Water equals energy. I'm not going to say you shouldn't drink tap water or advise you to buy a special water bottle. That's all part of marketing in self help programs. Just make sure you drink 8 to 9 cups per day and you will feel better. If you're exercising, don't let your body dehydrate. There is approximately 80% water in our blood. When we consume more than usual, we improve our blood flow.
Be curious and commit to constant and never ending improvement. Another factor is this: if we feel like we know everything and we've done it all and we're satisfied with "status quo", we'll have less energy. It's just a fact. People who are dreamers, who tend to improve all the time, have more energy.
Don't eat big meals. Instead, eat several small meals (4/5/6) per day to get the metabolism going and you will feel better. There are thousands of graphs and statistics who claim that it's ten times better if we divide the food we consume into smaller portions.

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