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29 May, 2008

How To-3: "How to Stop Your Craving for Soda"

How to Stop Your Craving for Soda

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, dying for soda? Are you tired of the stained teeth and constant caffeine rushes? Well in order stop craving soda, it takes will power and patience!


  1. First, determine which sodas are caffeine free. Buy caffeine free soda!
  2. Buy other liquids, like milk, orange juice, apple juice, or lemonade.
  3. Hide your stash of soda and every time you feel like wanting a soda, drink a large glass of water.
  4. If you wake up in the night and head to the kitchen for a soda, pour yourself some milk instead.
  5. Fill up your empty Sprite bottles with cold water, and your Coca-cola bottles with tea.
  6. Your body naturally gets addicted to all the sugar and caffeine, so find another sugary supplement, like a small bag of candy or a fat-free Snickers bar. Even cake! (THAT doesn't stain your teeth!)
  7. Work out and get exercise. Then drink lots of water to make up for your loss of liquid.


  • Dont cut cold turkey. Buy less and less soda over a month or more. Drink less and less.
  • At parties dont drink alot of soda. Drink lemonade or tea.


  • Don't cut cold turkey!

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