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31 May, 2008

How To-19: "How to Stop Nausea With Acupressure"

How to Stop Nausea With Acupressure

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This is how to stop nausea with a quick Chinese Acupressure technique. This can be used on airplanes, with hangovers, and at sea. This is quick fix only. There are two wikiHows that addresses nausea self treatment in commendable depth.


  1. Take your index finger and middle finger and place them on your wrist at the base of your palm to measure where your nausea acupressure points are.
  2. Find your acupressure points -- two fingers down the wrist from the base of your palm and centered on the wrist.
  3. Take your thumb and index finger and press firmly on the points on both sides of the wrist when you feel nauseous. You should feel relief in 10-30 seconds.


  • Check out the related wikiHows on how to treat nausea for more conventional and longer term self help.
  • Don't think about how unscientific Chinese medicine is while you do this. The effects may be reduced.


  • These are acupressure points, not acupuncture points. Do not use needles!
  • This technique is effective. If it's not you might consider medical attention.
  • If you suffer from chronic nausea you should definitely seek medical attention even if the technique works. It is only a quick fix after all.

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