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26 October, 2007

Health Tips-16: Clap Your Way to Good Health - PTI

Clapping is no child's play, especially for 82-year-old Kishan Chandra Bajaj, who claims to have got cured of glaucoma, a degenerative eye disease, all because of clapping.

Despite knowing about age-old therapies like yoga, reiki and acupressure, Bajaj decided to try a novel "clapping yogasana", when he lost his eyesight suddenly, a decade ago. "If a person claps in a correct way he an help maintain a good health and cheerful mind. It is not at all tiring," he adds.

"Our palms have pressure points for the whole body, which get stimulated during clapping and benefit people," says B.B.Mittal, honorary senior consultant at Jaipur Golden Hospital.

According to Bajaj, forceful clapping warms blood and increases its circulation, cleans the blood vessels of cholesterol and reduces chances of heart ailments. While the increased temperature of blood kills germs thus preventing various diseases. He claims to have clapped for at least one crore times in a duration of two and a half years! Bajaj has his name in Limca Book of Records-1997 for his special ability to "clap 9,500 times in an hour", the sound of which could be "heard a kilometre away".

Bajaj says clapping is no child's play but needs will power and faith to reap its benefits. Clapping in correct way can cure stammering also, he says giving his own example.

He discovered the positive effects of 'clapping yogasana' after he learn about it in a discourse.

People in airconditioned offices do not sweat but this exercise helps circulae warm blood and opens pores to cleanse body.

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1 comment:

Ron Schaberg said...

This is one of the more interesting ways I've heard to practice good health. I will be sure to clap more!

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